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As you can read in the Improvisation section of this website, my experiences with improvising have been a leading factor for me in composing music. 
For me it has been one of the most fascinating experiences I have felt. It is fantastic to spend hours playing, trying new ideas, and exploring what the classical guitar can provide. When you can rationalize your musical ideas and personal feelings, and later put them on paper, it becomes something real and tangible.

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"Prelude 7" - Francisco Luis
(for guitar solo)


Very much inspired by the language of A. Scriabin, one of my favourite composers, this prelude is part of a set of 10 preludes which are meant to be small and idiomatic pieces for guitar. This prelude’s richness in suspensions and dense harmonies suggests an intimate character, where the performer should have space for rubato and exploring deep colours. The prelude is in D minor, with the 6th string tuned to D, and it was the first of the set to be performed. Enjoy!

Remaining preludes are coming up; stay tuned!

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