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Francisco Luís

Classical guitarist

Latest news


1st prize Winner of Iserlohn International Guitar Festival! 

Upcoming schedule

8th - 13th August - Harmonia Cordis Guitar Festival (Rom)

Concert, masterclasses and Jury

30th - 31st August - Forum Guitare Wien competition (Aus)

12th November - Concert in Copenhagen (Den) for Danish Guitar Society 

15th - 19th November - Aalborg Guitar Competition (Den) 

Concert, masterclasses and jury 

Captura de Ecrã (829).png

.  2023 Iserlohn Guitar competition winner
.  2022 Florida Guitar Foundation winner 

.  2023 Dutch Guitar Foundation winner
.  2022 AAlborg
 Guitar competition winner
.  Eurostrings artist 2020-2021
.  Performer, composer, arranger and teacher 


"Francisco embodies all the qualities expected of a great musician, not least the ability, impossible to learn (but the result of a precious and rare natural talent) to perform his music with a touching sense of inevitability and naturalness. In addition to this Francisco showed a precocious and peremptory talent in the field of composition. It is difficult to imagine what goals he will be able to achieve in the near future!" 

Carlo Marchione

"Francisco Luis is an artist with a rare attention to detail. His approach to every piece he plays involves a love and passion that comes out in how thoughtful and considered his approach to dynamics, articulation, and even technique is. Rather than being limited by his instrument or individual technical attributes, Francisco demonstrates what can happen when an artist thinks deeply about the music they are playing and knows how they can best express their musical conclusions using the tools available to them. His dedication to transcription, composition, and improvisation also means that with every piece he has something fresh and special to say, not only for the sake of doing something new or innovative, but to explore the music on a deeper level and share what he has found with his audience."

Michael Ibsen (Resonant Connections Media)

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